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Name Labels

Hey mate, welcome to KidzLabels. Has your child lost something? Worry no more! Here at KidzLabels, we provide a wide array of unique personalised name labels specially for your kid. Beside it, we also have teacher says stickers and merit stickers that perfect for parents and teachers to keep kids motivated and making learning fun, either in the classroom or at home.

As a family with 3 children, we understand it well that there is a need to label and identify each children’s gears and equipment, i.e.: water bottle, lunch box, pencil case and many more. As such, we have 5 different sizes of name labels which will be best suited for your kids in School, Daycare or Kindergarten.  

Classic name labels come in different themes and fonts to suit your child’s preference. A unique design would prevent their gears from getting mixed up with their friends’ or siblings’ gears.  

Our beautiful vinyl square name labels are perfect for stationery, toys, books and more. It can also be use to label drawing books or exercise books in order to identify them easily.  

Mistaken another kid’s toys from School or Daycare again? The round and cute name label will ease your headache. It is well fitted with almost every of your child’s belongings and it is uniquely personalised 

With Pencil labels, your child will no longer have his or her stationary getting mixed up with their friends’ at School. Pencil labels are specifically designed for goods of small sizes. It can be used to label swimming goggles, spectacles and other smaller items, ensuring all these small little items come home with your kid. 

We could truly comprehend the hassle in ensuring that the children’s belongings are always in place. Our different sizes and designs will help personalise a special name label for your kid in accordance with his or her preference. With KidzLabels, everything is yours.