Stick-on Name Labels


  1. Apply name labels on dry and clean smooth surface.
  2. Rub firmly over the name label to ensure no air-bubbles remain.
  3. Please use top shelf when placing labelled items into dishwasher for cleaning & do not use high temperature settings such as "pots & pans".


Please note: If garment is not suitable for hot iron, please be careful and iron at own risk. Never iron directly onto the label.

  1. Preheat DRY iron to medium heat (no steam setting).
  2. Peel off the label & position label onto fully dry garment with text facing up. Please make sure the label is not applied on damp garments
  3. Cover label with supplied parchment paper (Baking paper) & press firmly with iron for 10~20 seconds. Please DO NOT move iron around.
  4. If edges are not fully stuck, you may need to increase temperature, pressure or time & repeat above steps.


WARNING : Labels can be a choking hazard.