KidzLabels was founded in 2016 in beautiful Sydney, Australia and 100% family owned. Each label is meticulously crafted, while ensuring that it withstands the vigour of daily use – that includes microwaves and dishwasher safe. We have great creative team of people that working all around the world and with their professional perspective, we believe our products will not only love by kids and also by mum, dad and schools. 

We are passionate about providing you with our high quality and affordable personalised name labels, and iron-on labels that we believe it will help thousands of kids to easily and quickly find and know their belongings. Through personalisation, we want kids know that they are unique and special.

On 2017, we have implemented Allergy and Teacher Says Stickers which will be fantastic for teachers and caregivers – those that touch the lives of children daily. We hope that you enjoy Kidzlabels as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Thanks for sticking with us!